March in North Texas is the time to clean up, fix up, prune, fertilize, check irrigation systems and PLANT!

Daylight Savings begins March 8, so enjoy that extra hour of daylight and let’s get dirty!

Prepare & Plant Veggies

At the beginning of March prepare your vegetable garden soil by adding compost and composted manure. Make sure this bed is in a sunny spot and plant taller vegetables on the North side of the bed so they do not shade lower growing plants. Plant lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, at the beginning of the month. Plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, cucumbers in the ground at the end of the month or after the last freeze.

Prepare new or existing beds with expanded shale plus compost to help keep oxygen and moisture in your soil.

Have your irrigator come out and inspect your system or check your city’s website for a free irrigation check-up. Converting your beds to drip irrigation or changing your watering cycles to water deeply but less frequently will keep your water bill low and help conserve water.

Visit us at the nursery, and we’ll help you find the best veggies and soil amendments for your garden.


Indian Hawthorne at Bruce Miller NurseryPrune early flowering plants such as azaleas, quince, forsythia, carolina jessamine, spirea and indian hawthorn AFTER they are finished blooming.

Cut any winter damage out of ground cover beds and reshape as needed.

Trim evergreen shrubs such as boxwoods before new growth begins.

Trim houseplants that have grown lanky due to the winter sun. Repot in fresh potting soil for continued strong growth.

As always, we have all the gardening implements you’ll need at the nursery.

Plant Perennials and Annuals

Knockout Roses at Bruce Miller NurseryDivide existing perennials such as day lily, mums, daisies, canna and other summer bloomers and fertilize. Divide iris in the fall.

Plant roses at the end of the month for a beautiful view in late spring.

Add perennials and trees and shrubs to your landscape NOW to allow for acclimation before the heat of the summer is upon us. This will be less stressful on the plant and your water bill!

Annuals! Finally spring color is here and ready to be planted to liven up your post-winter landscape.


Fertilize everything! Bermuda lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Let our staff advise you as to the best fertilizer for the type of plants and lawn you have&rose food for roses, etc.

With the warmer weather this year, if your weeds are already visible, you will need to apply post-emergent treatments. There are many kinds of products so be sure and seek guidance from our staff.

For organic gardeners, we have an extensive selection of organic products for your use.