There is plenty to do for your lawn and garden in November. It’s the perfect time to think about planting spring bulbs, growing herbs, adding shrubs, pruning trees, and sprucing up your fall garden.


Plan ahead and buy some frost cloth or identify the blankets/sheets you will use to protect your plants in case of a freeze.

Make room in the house for any tropicals you have outside.


Bulbs: for the earliest show of color…add bulbs to your landscape. Choose from Dutch Iris, Muscari, Hyacinth, Lycoris, Narcissus, Anemone, Tulip, and Crocus bulbs. Remember that Tulips and Hyacinths require 6 weeks of chilling before planting, come and select yours now to plant in mid December.

Grass: Overseed with Ryegrass for a green lawn this winter…. Do not overseed St. Augustine growing in the shade as it will be too much competition in late spring when the St. Augustine grass starts to grow.

Perennials: Dig and divide Spring flowering perennials; share them with friends and family if you have too many!

Annuals: Pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, or ornamental cabbage, kale, and swiss chard…these hardy annuals will take your garden through the winter so plant them now in well-prepared soil.

Trees and Shrubs: This is the BEST time to plant these hard working plants! By planting now you allow them time to establish strong healthy root systems before they endure any summer heat stress. Use colorful evergreen shrubs to provide interest in your beds year round.


Let the leaves on the trees be your guide as to which limbs are dead and need to be pruned. Cut any low branches that impede walkways or are touching your roof.

Reshape shrubs with a light pruning to remove erratic growth. Avoid shearing whenever possible.

Remove dead growth (flower heads, foliage, stems) from perennials and lanky, spindly stems from annuals such as impatiens, lantana, copper plants and coleus.

Mow at recommended heights so your grass will not be stressed. For healthy lawns, St. Augustine should be mowed at 2-2.5 inches and Bermuda at 1.5 inches.


Spot spray any actively growing broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelion, henbit and chickweed.


Add water soluble food, high in nitrogen to all container plants and winter annuals to keep them blooming.

Add iron or sulphur to any chlorotic plants (yellow leaves with dark green veins especially on new growth)

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