In December, our thoughts turn toward the winter holidays. If you have an avid gardener, or perhaps a new homeowner on your gift list, consider a Bruce Miller Nursery Gift Certificate or the gift of a tree! Our parking lot is an easy “in and out,” and there are no long lines at the register. Gardening tools also make great gifts: Add a trowel, gloves, bulbs or gardening book and make someone truly happy!

Give the “gift of green”!

Remember your turf grasses will be going dormant, so cut back on watering, and any trees and shrubs planted now will require far less water to get established than if you wait to plant them in spring.


PansiesPansies! Vibrant, colorful pansies that are cold hardy, snapdragons, ornamental cabbage and kale. These are great plants to liven up your garden while many other plants are moving into dormancy.

Plant cyclamen in pots so that you can easily move them indoors if the temperature drops below freezing.

Spring bulbs can still be put in the ground. Remember to bury them approximately 2-3 times their size with the pointy end up. Bulbs are best when planted in masses, so go ahead and dig the hole, empty the bag of bulbs in the hole, smooth them out so there is only one layer, cover with soil, plant some pansies on top and enjoy the show of color in spring!

Shrubs such as nandinas, loropetalums, mahonias, hollies, pyracanthas. Plant now to enjoy their colorful winter foliage and berries.

Fruit and nut trees are best planted now. Some fruit trees require “chilling days” to bear fruit. Getting them in the ground now will give them a great start.

Trees! If you need to replace a tree or want to add a shade tree to give your cooling bills some relief next summer, this is a perfect time to do so. Did you know that Bruce Miller Nursery offers a “planted and guaranteed” program for our trees? Come in and select the one you want and let us take care of the rest.


crepe mrytleThere is lots to do in this category.

Mistletoe! Not the kind you share a kiss under, this is a parasite that lives on your trees and must be removed. Cut the twigs and branches on which the mistletoe clumps have formed.

Trees and shrubs: remove dead or damaged branches, and any that interfere with walkways, roofs, etc. Do not “top” your trees. Trim only what is necessary for the health of the plant and to maintain the plants’ shape. Remove tree roots that are a hazard to people or threaten foundations.

Crape Myrtles: Trim excess trunks if you are taking the plant from a shrub to tree form. DO Not “top”.

Need new pruning shears or a lopper? We have you covered.


Broadleaf weeds (clover, dandelions, henbit, chickweed) can be handled by applying a broadleaf weed-killer spray on a warm afternoon.

Freezes: protect your faucets, disconnect hoses, and make sure your system is not on auto. Cover tender plants with sheets, blankets or frost cloth.

Equipment: repair/clean/drain power equipment now so that it is ready for you in spring.

Come by either nursery location this December and we’ll help you with all of your gardening needs!