Welcome the summer by checking your irrigation system to ensure it is working properly and watch your plants for signs of stress. Check your local watering restrictions and make sure your plants are getting enough moisture.

Come visit us at the nursery with your questions! We can advise you on how to keep your landscape in tip-top shape.


Palm treesCrape Myrtles: Continue to add these gorgeous heat and drought tolerant summer blooming beauties in your landscape. Choose a variety that will fit your space (height and width) based on MATURE size. Ask us about our “planted and guaranteed” program for trees.

Palm trees: Several Palm trees are considered “cold hardy” and will do well in the Dallas area. They adapt to most soil types however we recommend amending the soil with compost to give your new tree the best conditions in which to grow. Come see our assortment and allow us to help you pick the right one for your tropical landscape.

Annuals: Pentas, marigolds, zinnias, angelonias, vincas…all great choices to add color or revive the color in your beds. These annuals can endure the heat giving you a colorful garden throughout the summer.

Shrubs: fill those empty spots in your landscape. Shrubs can provide color in your beds year round thru their foliage. Container grown shrubs and trees can be planted at any time of year. You simply have to give hand water them every 2-3 days until fall to keep them looking their best.

Perennials: add summer and fall “bloomers” to your landscape to continue the colorful show. We have an assortment of drought tolerant perennials that we are sure you will love!

Grass: Plant Bermuda seed or St. Augustine sod; water 2x/day for the first 2-3 weeks. Remember grass requires at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive!

Vegetables: Plant fall tomatoes and peppers! Herbs are always a good option.

Herbs: Who can resist the smell of rosemary in the air as you brush against it? Plant herbs every where: in containers, in your vegetable or flower bed…anywhere they will have ample room to grow and get sufficient sunlight.

Visit the nursery to see our wide selection of plants. We’re sure to have whatever your landscape needs.


Bruce Miller Nursery BluberriesTrees: Remove dead limbs/branches from trees. Prune oaks in mid summer as the oak wilt fungus will not be active. Use pruning sealer to seal cuts.

Flowers: remove dead leaves, spent blooms and seeds from annuals and perennials.

Blueberries: trim the tips to keep the plants compact and to encourage side shoots which will bear fruit.

Need a new pair of shears? Come by Bruce Miller Nurseries and we’ll help you pick one out!


Fertilize Bermuda with a quality all Nitrogen fertilizer formulated for N. Texas clay soils. You can use this same fertilizer on your trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

Wait till September to fertilize St. Augustine.

Mow at recommended heights so your grass will not be stressed by the summer heat! For healthy lawns, St. Augustine should be mowed at 2-2.5 inches and Bermuda at 1.5 inches.


You can use a high Nitrogen fertilizer everywhere: Lawn, tress, shrubs, container plants, annuals, perennials; just be sure it doesn’t contain a weed killer.

Add water soluble food to all container plants to keep them blooming.

Add iron/sulfur to any chlorotic plants (yellow leaves with dark green veins especially on new growth)

Come see us at the nursery for the RIGHT product for your landscape problem!

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