February is an important month to clean up, fix up, prune, fertilize and apply pre-emergent weed control.

Getting off to a good start will help make the rest of the season easier.

Here are your Bruce Miller Nursery Gardening Tips to get your garden ready for Spring!

Prepare and plant

Knockout Roses at Bruce Miller NurseryPlan any changes to your landscape. Whether you are thinking about adding new beds, hardscapes, reducing turf areas…do it now! Nurseries and Landscape companies are still slow and have the time to discuss your ideas.

First half of the month, prepare vegetable garden soil by tilling in compost, or composted manure and expanded shale for best results. Add some dried molasses to stimulate biological activity in the soil.

Last half of the month plant roses, onions, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts and early peas.

Divide existing perennials such as day lillies, mums, daises, cannas and other summer bloomers and fertilize. Divide iris in the fall.

Relocate any trees and shrubs now while dormant. After digging, try to keep soil ball intact around roots.


Fertilizer at Bruce Miller NurseryFertilize everything! Bermuda lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers. Let our staff advise you as to the best fertilizer for the type of plants and lawn you have- rose food for roses, etc.

The time is now for weed control. Apply a pre-emergent weed control along with fertilizer. There are many kinds of pre-emergent products so be sure and seek guidance from our staff and should select the one best suited for your yard.

Do not use pre-emergent if you plan on planting seeds or if you have a fescue lawn. Seeding or over seeding fescue may be done at this time.


Trees at Bruce Miller NurseryCut ornamental grasses back to ground, mondo grass, liriope, pampas grass,etc. If you miss the March 1st window, wait until next February.

Do not prune early flowering plants such as azaleas, quince, forsythia, Carolina Jessamine, spirea and Indian hawthorn until blooms are finished then prune one time for the year.

Prune Peach and Plum trees to allow sunlight into the middle of the tree. Complete pruning before new buds form.

Do not prune oak trees between mid February through mid June.

Prune bush roses back by 50 percent. Make your cuts just above a bud that faces away from the center of the plant. Climbing roses should be pruned after their spring bloom.

Cut crepe myrtle branches that do not add to the beauty of the plant. NEVER “top” them as will ruin their form forever and impede their summer growth.

Trim shrubs as needed if overgrown or to shape. You can remove up to 30% of their height and/or width.
Remove dead or damaged branches from trees, and lift canopies of shade trees to have more sun reach grass and other beds.

Mow at top setting on Asian Jasmine ground cover beds to even out the growth and remove any winter damage.